Monday, March 7, 2011

Mail flyers from home, Does it work?

I get this question asked so many times. Does mailing flyers from home work?  Yes, it does and the best part it is super easy to do. All I do is just print them out stuff them in an envelop put a stamp. The next day I stop by the post office and drop it off. That's its that simple. United Cash Direct works you just have to mail out flyers!

Wait it can't be that simple can it. Well not really.  First you have to have a good list and I am not talking about the list you can buy from magazines.  I am sure you have seen them before. Those lists do not work. I know because I've used those before.  This one time I sent out 1000 flyers with a list from some magazine and I kid you not 300+ flyers came back undeliverable. The list provider I use now is way better.  I just mailed out 1000 flyers 2 weeks ago and so far only 10 have been returned.

Another method I used when sending flyers is I post ads and I ask people to send stamp and or $1. This way you know they are serious about the opportunity.  If you just post an ad and send out free information people won't join or will take there time. This way if you ask them to give you something even though its small like a stamp and $1 cash. They will be waiting for what you are going to send them. This is just one of the methods I used to get more money easy.

So yes mailing flyers from does work and if you join me I will show how to maximize your results just like I have with United Cash Direct.  Join me and I will show you the way to making $200 payments daily.


  1. The point is to basically have a very short advertisement so people will want to use your business. Direct mail is fairly inexpensive, so you can send mail to hundreds or even thousands of potential customers. Direct Mail

  2. Great article. I'm getting started with and I'm pretty excited it about it Thanks for the info. :-)